Your Positive Parental Legacy Begins in 2022



Think of your future self 20 years from now. The kids are all grown up and out of the house. What are you doing? What are you thinking? Since I am in this position, I can tell you what it is like. There are great times of contemplation of days gone by. I think about precious times shared with my daughter that bring such joy. I also think of the times I could have done better. I’m glad those memories are relatively few.


It is the knowing that I provided my daughter with the foundation of what positive, empowered parenting is. She experienced it firsthand. She was on the beneficial receiving end of this kind of parenting. I have heard many, many words of thanks for the way I raised her…from her! 


Now, that my job is done, I know what kind of parenting my future grandkids will receive. And, THAT is a wonderful thought, indeed! You see, I began parenting her in a traditional, top-down style. After a few situations that left me feeling odd, I knew I wanted a change. I found co-creative parenting that is cooperative, joyful, and peaceful even through life’s ups and downs. It is dramatically different. It’s empowering. It’s refreshing. It’s the way parenting was meant to be, I believe.


With this change of parenting, I not only reaped the rewards while raising my daughter, but I began my positive parental legacy right then and there. I know my future family lineage is in good hands.


Since it’s such a dramatic difference that has the power to positively impact your future family lineage for generations, I have developed a program to teach it to you and other parents. Click here for more information:


Your parental legacy begins today. This year. In 2022! 




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