What Does Grounding Mean? How Does One Find Balance?



So many times, we feel tossed about that life is swirling out of control around us. We get so twisted around that we want it to stop. This experience is the opposite of being grounded and balanced. It’s easier to talk about the opposite because it is all too familiar.


Being grounded and balanced is being able to find one’s calm in the midst of the hurricane. It’s knowing all is well despite any exterior circumstances. It’s knowing Who You Really Are from an eternal perspective. It’s a wellbeing calm that supersedes current and future situations, conversations, and events. It’s starting every day with an awareness that life is more than daily activities. It’s a constant connection to Divine Source superseding all Earthly transactions. It’s conducting one’s business through this awareness and perspective. Being grounded and balance takes effort, focus, and awareness, but is so worth it. It is essential to fully living one’s life path.


How many times do you witness your kids out of control? Overly emotional? Overly secluded? Defiant? You may say to them, “Cut it out! Calm down! Be quiet! Stop the drama!” What you are trying to say is, “Be grounded! Find your balance!”


So this blog’s information is for both the older humans on life journeys and the younger humans on life journeys.



We humans automatically implement a grounding and balancing action on a daily basis. It’s called sleeping. Interesting how this is an accepted, natural action that everyone does on a daily basis. It is required for our healthy living! But, what about the other techniques? Especially, the ones that can be done during the day? These are sometimes perceived as weird or strange. To me, they are as natural as sleeping.


Move, Walk, Exercise

The Divine Source life force is all around us…literally. And, when this life force isn’t in our bodies, we die. It’s called air. It is the single most important part of our Earthly living. When noticing you don’t feel grounded or balanced in your life, go for a walk and get air into your body. Breathe deeply. Exercise – even if it is right in your seat. You can move your body while stationary. Stretch and breathe. 


Change Clothes

Color, fabric type, cloth placement, and functionality of our clothes can affect us. The brighter the color, the better, comfortable fabric is best, how the cloth interacts with one’s body, and the clothes’ usefulness are all contributors to being irritated or feeling grounded and balanced as we go about our day. Changing clothes is very effective in altering one’s status. Many people change clothes after work to indicate a new period of activity has begun. We change clothes upon awakening from slumber to enter a new period of living. Consider changing clothes like changing one’s mindset. It works!


Hold Rocks, Crystals, Water

These grounding items literally are connected to Earth’s ground so it is not only symbolic, but a real technique for calming in midst of life’s swirl. Think of water and how it travels to every part of the Earth in one way or another. It carries Divine Source in it – hydrogen and oxygen. When you hold, drink, or look at water, you are connecting with all of Earth. The same water the dinosaurs drank is the same water you are drinking because water never leaves the Earth’s system. It is recycled and cleaned by Earth. Drinking water has the same effect especially when it is thoughtfully or mindfully drunk. Literally, you are drinking the Earth!


Think of crystals. They hold tight to the ground. It requires force to remove them from the ground. This tight connection with Earth can be transferred to you as you hold a crystal in your hands or next to your heart, or even just view them.


The same goes for rocks. Many are incredibly large. Mammoth. Just looking at one or touching one is grounding. How far has a rock traveled that shows up lakeside? Or, in a forest? What is its story? Are you already feeling calm just pondering these things?


Meditate, Listen To Music

Music has the ability to transform us from irritated to elated. The sound waves of meditative music are soothing so the music choice definitely can influence how well this works. Classical music’s sound waves are known to have positive effect as well as the sound of waves lapping the shoreline or the sound waves from a rainstorm. 


Meditating can be done anywhere and nearly any time. You at work or your child at school can go into a bathroom stall to meditate for at least 30 seconds. Let’s do it now: Close your eyes. Breathe deeply with a long exhale. Do this three times, if possible. See a connection starting from Earth as a bright white light shooting though the bottom of you feet to the top of your head progressing to the heavens. The white light expands into every part of your body. Its loving light envelopes you expanding in every direction completely filling a 5′ sphere around you. Take three more deep breaths and open your eyes. Feeling better? Yes!


Longer meditations are wonderful as well. Experiment with different choices of places, things, music, guided or not guided, background sound, and oh so many options!


Rearrange Furniture, Paint, Redecorate

Take a look around your office and home. What is stagnant? Where is a place new energy could be utilized to create balance? It could be as simple as moving a plant to a new location. Or, it could be a fun as painting a room. Again, brighter colors hold more positive energy.


Your child is never stuck. You are never stuck. You always have options with everything. The same is for grounding practices that bring about balance. Implement them into your life so that your children can see how you find your calm in the midst of a hurricane. Perhaps, you take three minutes to do this in the car before watching the soccer game with the other parents. Maybe, you consciously drink water while thanking it for its refreshment before an intense meeting. You have options with everything!



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