Steps To Positively Shifting From 2023 to 2024!

I’ve been through enough New Years transitions now to have a new perspective on them: no judgment. Just observation. 


What I mean by this is to keep it real, personal, and loving. Judgment doesn’t work well for any subject for any of the 365 days of the year so why bring judgment into this topic now? Observing what was accomplished in 2023 to develop new goals for 2024 sounds real, personal, and loving. It’s an exciting time of the year so let’s utilize that excitement to move forward.


List all of your achievements of 2023. You’ll probably be surprised by what pops up. I was doing this with my husband earlier today, and he reminded me of many items on our list. It was thrilling to relive what we were able to to achieve together!


In that excitement, step up to the new year with, “What’s next?” energy. Create a new list for 2024. Don’t hold back. Dream. sense the ideas bubble up from within you.


By the way, in basic numerology, the year 2023 reduces to the number seven. Do your own search for the positive, spiritual meaning of our dear number seven. It may bring perspective to your 2023 year. 


I know…not everything was peaches and cream in 2023. As with anything, you always have options.


  1. List the unwanted events and ceremonially burn the list while stating, “You are complete.”
  2. List the unwanted events and while looking at them state, “I am bigger than this. I am more than this.”
  3. List the unwanted events and have a good laugh because infusing laughter into each event lessens the intensity of them.



Don’t like lists? Don’t want to even think about what happened in 2023? You have options!

  1. Stand tall outside with hands on hips and state, “All negativity from 2023 and previous years is now complete and will not be brought forth into 2024.”
  2. Look in the mirror and state, “I only bring with me that what I need to grow in 2024 to my fullest potential.”
  3. Write in your personal journal as often as it feels good: 2024 is my year of complete freedom. 2024 is my year of complete potential realized.


In basic numerology, the year 2024 reduces to the number eight. Do some research for the spiritual meaning of our fantastic number eight. It’s going to be an exciting year, for sure!



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