Got BO Issues With Your Teen?


B.O. Body Odor. It’s a nearly instant recognizable issue because noses don’t lie! The foot stench that makes your nose crinkle, the armpit smell that can knock you over, and the halitosis that is seemingly inescapable. 


Even with this serious social and physical issue, you always have options. First, let’s begin at the beginning of this issue at conception. 


“Conception? What does that have to do with my teen’s body odor? He didn’t stink until a few years ago!”


We parents bring with us to the conception moment our cells filled with our current physical state just like our parents did…just like our grandparents did…just like our great-grandparents did. Yes, our offspring receive 50% DNA from the maternal source and 50% DNA from the paternal source, but those sources come from a long line of ancestral DNA, which is passed onto the next generation.


This means that whatever our great-great grandparents were breathing in, eating, washing with, and being exposed to is in our bodies as well as your children’s bodies. Some of this is good and some of it is causing problems. (Remember, you always have options so stick with this blog to the end.)


There was a time when lead was used in many products and it got into people’s bodies. There was a time when mercury was commonly used and it got into people’s bodies. There was a time when burning coal was very prevalent and it got into people’s bodies. There was a time when water and sewer didn’t have all the regulations they do now and harmful aspects of this got into people’s bodies. 


I could go on and on with examples, but the point is that we are the culmination of our ancestral line. Some of this is beneficial. Some of it isn’t. This is probably a huge part of your teen’s BO issue. Now that we know, we need to increase the health of our cells while removing the unwanted toxins. 


Here is the solution: SWEEP FAT.

S  Sleep

W  Water

E  Exercise

E  Essential Oils

P  Products


F  Food

A  Affirmations

T  Thoughts


While you may be thinking that these are all the things we are all supposed to be doing to keep healthy anyway because they’ve been said over and over, these action steps are even more important in the knowledge that we have much more to do than just keep ourselves healthy. We have much more to do than that! We need to clear out generations of toxins as well as current pollution issues. We need to stop passing on the very old toxins to the next generation.


Side Note: For planned pregnancies, both mother and father can prepare for conception by beginning a nine month detox program before conceiving. 


Back to SWEEP FAT…


S  Sleep   Adjust whatever needs to be done in order to obtain deep sleep for the perfect number of sleep hours for your child. So many options abound for this subject. Have fun researching ideas that have worked for others. It may start with getting a new bed and pillow.

W  Water   This wonderful sweet nectar of life is vital to our survival as it perfectly cleanses our bodies. It is especially important when focused on a detoxing effort. I try to drink at least a half gallon a day.

E  Exercise   Moving the body and creating some degree of sweat every day is essential for the body to move out toxins. 

E  Essential Oils   Use these instead of perfume, which contains chemicals that can cause the need for detoxing. Have fun exploring essential oils. Don’t over use them, however. Essential oils are effective in small usages, but if spewed everywhere (air, clothes, furniture), they can cause mold over time. I personally use them sparingly for perfume only. 

P  Products   There are many personal hygiene products, but I strongly urge you to purchase those with ingredients you can pronounce and none with sodium laurel sulfate. Deodorant without aluminum is best. Read labels and not just names of products. “All Natural” is so overused! When in doubt, talk to a knowledgeable person at a health food store.


Side Note: when I switched to a natural deodorant instead of the ones that stop sweat glands from performing their originally designed duty…to sweat…I had uncontrolled body odor for about two months as my body sighed in relief. It spewed out all the congestion in my armpits. While it stunk, it proved to me the importance of working with my body vs. trying to control it. 


F  Food   Eat fruits and vegetables aplenty with limited meat from all natural, organic sources as much as possible. Our buying power is what we put into the grocery cart and take home with us. The more we purchase grass-fed meat along with truly plant-based cleaning products (not the ones that simply put a splash of essential oil in the product to call it plant-based) the more we send the message to producers that we demand health foods all the time. 

A  Affirmations  This may seem a trivial step, but it is actually very important because it is giving directions to our cells to release (safely) the toxins. “I am safe now, and it is time to release all ancestral negative energy, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and toxins from my body in a safe manner.” Too fast of a release will cause illness. Your body’s Divine Wisdom will know how fast to remove the toxins.

T  Thoughts   Again, a very important part of the process because it is forming new beliefs in the goodness of life or it can reinforce negative beliefs. “My body responds positively to all of life. I am safe. I am abundant in all areas of life. This life is FOR me. My body is safely detoxing from all ancestral lines.”


A multiple approach to body odor is needed to fully approach the issue. Body odor in middle school can cause considerable social problems and frustrations so addressing it is necessary…and fun! It’s building life-long health habits now. Enjoy!




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