Freedom is within. There is no separation.



“Freedom is within. There is no separation,” my inner voice said.


I just love the simple wisdom that can come through during a quiet time. Since receiving this message, I’ve been thinking about it, repeating it, and contemplating its meaning daily. I have it programmed into my phone to pop up at various times throughout the day.


But, what do these two sentences mean?


Whatever we want for our lives always first comes from within, and this includes the desire for freedom. Being free to have jobs we enjoy while abundantly compensated for our time, being free to have positive relationships with all people, nature, and objects, and being free to pursue life dreams all encompass freedom. It begins with a thought, a tug, a gut feeling, a mental nudging. Yes, freedom is within.


What is freedom to a teen? A middle schooler? A pre-teen? Ask your child. He may begin with comments such as, “Having no homework.” Or you may hear her say, “Not having to make my bed every day.” Encourage your child to look beyond everyday necessities to big picture freedoms…to life dream freedoms. How about the freedom to have pleasant conversation with all teachers? How about the freedom to get along with peers? Certainly, the freedom to have fun time on weekends would be valued.


All these desires begin within. First inside, then outside. First, desires bumble about in one’s private thoughts and feelings. When they become strong enough or loud enough, they’ll show up in the exterior world. To the degree the thoughts are crystal clear and focused upon, is the degree they’ll show up in the exterior world.


For example, one who desires positive relationships with all peers will want to focus upon having only this. Any attention to negative relationships will create a barrier or a speed bump to the desire. In this example, it is clear that freedom is within. That’s where our creation power is.


There is no separation.


I can not emphasize enough the importance of ONENESS for every day living. This is what is meant by There is no separation.We humans all enter these bodies from Source, and we will all leave our bodies and return to Source. We are all droplets of Source…every single one of us. It makes looking at that annoying person in a whole new light. There is no separation means that we are all on life journeys in borrowed body suits trying to have the best experiences right now.


Understanding there is no separation is key to having freedom. When a person is behaving negatively, she has forgotten Who She Really Is (Source) and need a loving reminder. When someone is grouchy, it is because he forgot his real identity…Source in a body on a life journey.


There is a circle of continuously entering and leaving droplets of Source (AKA humans, animals, trees, and so forth) for this Earthly experience. We are all part of it. It makes looking at that bothersome neighbor in a whole new light.


Thinking (Freedom is within.) of how we are all droplets of Source (There is no separation.) creates a higher, better, and lighter experience of living. Teaching this to your children will definitely assist in dealing with any annoying, irritating, and frustrating interactions with other droplets of Source. What a great way to address situations that test one’s patience!



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