Does Your Kid Swear?




Many middle schoolers explore their expanding growth by using swear words at this time of their lives. It’s a step that most parents wish their kids would skip. Embarrassing situations can arise especially when grandma visits or someone’s boss is nearby. Despite the obvious difficulties with this particular unpopular phase of life, it does convey much for a parent to notice.


Why do you swear? (Come on…admit it.) It’s probably because it’s funny to swear. Everyone knows it’s not an appropriate word choice so when swearing occurs, it can be quite humorous. Recently, I saw a facebook post demonstrating 26 different uses for the word shit. It was funny!


Sometimes, adults swear to release stress. There are times I just want to go outside and curse up to the heavens because I’m THAT frustrated. Alone in my car, sometimes, I do. And, you know…I do feel a release.


Other times, people swear to communicate how much something hurts. Stub your toe and “ouch” just doesn’t cut it. In this case, using swear words is a means to distract from the throbbing pain. 


When your child swears, try to sense the why before, during, and after telling your child that there are plenty of other words to choose to express the same information. (Yes, we all don’t want middle schoolers everywhere getting into the routine of habitual swearing. Explain that swearing, when used rarely in the appropriate settings, can have positive effect, BUT the key word here is rare.)


Middle schoolers are humans who are venturing into the adult world, but don’t have the verbal skills to effectively communicate. To compensate for it, sometimes they act out, yell, and swear.


So, when your child swears… Is your child stressed? Is your child mad? Is your child hurting? Is your child trying to be funny? Is your child stuck in a foul-mouth habit? 


Seeing the reason behind the swear words will provide you insight to what is happening with your child. You can express loving concern while expressing how swearing is not appropriate language. Getting your child to open up regarding why he or she is swearing is your glorious parental opportunity! In this way, you can be GLAD your child swore! I know it sounds funny, but I believe in using anything for the betterment of my child. Don’t you?



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