Compliant vs. Cooperative Teens: Why you DON’T want a compliant child.



I’ll put it out there straight and fast: parental control is BS. Parental control doesn’t exist. Parental control is a fallacy. 


Did I just make you super nervous? 




Now, to the real parenting information that every human on the planet needs to understand. Why everyone? Because when a kid is behaving in an unwanted, imbalanced, off, or undesirable manner in public, we ALL need to understand what is happening.


We all need to understand what is happening so that we don’t overtly scorn with a judgmental look or secretly think, “Those parents don’t have good parenting skills.” Or, “They need to get that child under control.”


  1. Beyond conception, parental control doesn’t exist. Okay…when parents conceive offspring it is uuuuusally planned so that is done without child input. (It is a debatable topic, however, because all conceptions are divine and influenced by the unseen dimensions, which includes the child’s spirit awaiting a body, but that is for another blog post at another time.)
  2. The parenting “job” is to remind our kids (often) that we all come from Divinity with Divine Wisdom already installed in each of our cells and that accessing this personally designed Divine Wisdom is done through a process called meditation or quiet time and that our feelings (Divine Communicators) are the way this Divine Wisdom is utilized.
  3. The parenting role is bringing forth one’s cooperation, peace, and joy from within using the Divine Wisdom “program” referenced in point #2.


So who are compliant children? They are the ones, unfortunately, NOT listening to their own personal Divine Wisdom programs, but are listening to their external world’s input only. This means they are listening to their parents initially, then peers, then TV, then society, then organizations, then…anyone and anything that is not themselves’ Divine Wisdoms. This is a problem that we see played out on school playgrounds everywhere, wherever crime is done, and wherever unhappy people are displaying their imbalances. 


When we ask a child who just hit another on the school playground, “Why did you do that?” this kid truly can’t answer because he or she is using external world input only. 


When a child functions from Divine Wisdom, Pure Love is brought forth and known so there is NO desire to hit, steal, lie, or take advantage of another person. Unless they forget to tap into their Divine Wisdom, which we all do time to time.


4. The parenting job is to remind to utilize the Divine Wisdom system when kids forget to use it.


When a child hits another child, it is pertinent to remind him or her Who He/She Really Is, to utilize their own Divine Wisdom system, and to check in with one’s feelings to know what the next step is.


The COOPERATIVE child does this. Cooperative children are happy, pleasant, and agreeable because they’re not fighting against any external system, but are utilizing their own personal Divine Wisdom systems. The exude a peaceful energy. They seem to be “old souls” and mature beyond their years. A child/teen/adult is HAPPILY cooperative because he or she is functioning through their own Divine Wisdom perspective…unless they forget. Then, a reminder is needed to return the child back to knowing Who He/She Really Is.


Compliant children, while seemingly pleasant to be around, are not equipped to function independently of others or society’s rules. They are focused on following a predetermined set of external rules, which sometimes causes them to rebel or fight against what they’re being told to do. Even in adulthood, they will still function in this manner, but are not fully living. They do not understand what life is all about, why they’re in a body, and what their purpose is. They often feel lost. They often have mid-life crises. Making decisions is hard because they’ve always been told what to do. 


Can you imagine what the world would be like if we taught/reminded our children from DAY ONE that they are Divinity on a life journey with a definite purpose? If we all told our kids, “Your feelings are your perfect guide to let you know if you are on your Divine Path or not” the world would be filled with kids paying attention to whether or not they felt good or not AND responding to this information in such a way that they knew how to return to feeling great. 


The delineation between a compliant child and a cooperative child is quite significant and has decades of impact as the child ages. One parenting pathway is filled with insisting on obeying non-existent parental control, which isn’t much fun. The cooperative, co-creative parenting pathway is filled with teaching and reminding about Who We Really Are…Divinity with Divine Wisdom already installed in each of our cells and that accessing this personally designed Divine Wisdom is done through a process called meditation or quiet time and that our feelings (Divine Communicators) are the way this Divine Wisdom is utilized.


Which parental pathway are you on? If you have struggle, frustration, or worry in your parenting life, then you’re on the compliant child pathway. You’ll know you’re on the cooperative, co-creative parenting pathway if you are feeling good because feelings are the indicator that you are on your Divine Path utilizing your own personal Divine Wisdom.




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