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Need More In-Depth Parenting Assistance?


Hey…we all need to summons the assistance of others at some point in our lives. Mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, painters, and more! Have you ever talked to your child’s teacher only to not really get the information you wanted or needed? It could be due to the fact that teachers are limited in what they can say. I know because I was a teacher for nearly two decades.


With my empowerment parenting style, former education career, and schooling in the dynamics of the glorious and perfectly designed Universe by Creator, I am able to say whatever I want to parents! I won’t hold back! You’ll get it straight from the heart.


I explain to parents all of of Life’s ups, downs, events, situations, and interactions through an unconditional, pure Love lens. And, you know what? IT MAKES SENSE! By understanding Who You Really Are, you will then understand what is happening to you and your family, and how to improve any situation you want for “You always have options with everything.”


There’s a reason I have EMBRACE THE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE WITH EMPOWERMENT on my website. Now, this is living!!


Contact me here:https://middleschoolyearswithouttears.com/consulting/ for more information. I’ve been in the business of helping parents for decades. Is it your turn?


The Energy of the Universe and Parenting




Utilizing the energy of the Universe is key to parenting not only well, but peacefully, cooperatively, and joyfully on a moment by moment basis. 


Why? We came here to fully experience the joy of life and this includes our parenting life, too. Want to know more? How about these statements?


A truth about life: Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are the three tools we use to create our lives.


Another truth: We were all born with an Inner Divine Wisdom system that is sensed and utilized by our feelings.


Truth #3: We are all Divine Spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now.


Truth #4: It is not our job to fix anyone, but to be the Light and Wayshowers to those who are wanting to be shown.


Truth #5: We are all ascending to the next level of what it means to be human now that we are in the predicted Golden Age.


Do these truths sound odd? Weird? My question to you would be why? Perhaps, we’ve been told other things? We’ve been told we are not Divine Creations with Inner Divine Wisdom on Divine Individual Paths for the Highest Good of All when, truthfully, this is Who We Really Are. 


Could you, would you say these things to your kiddos? It makes all the difference in the world, in their lives, in your life. Everything can be explained through the lens of the energy of the Universe. It is the only thing that is actually real.


Kids want to know what is real. They can smell fraud a mile away. If you have a discontented child, it is because he or she knows what is really real and what is fake. Our children are magnificent beings with super sensitive sensors who are brilliantly detecting truth and non-truth.


What about those who will think this is BS? They believe the “flesh and bones” part of our existence. They have temporarily forgotten Who They Really Are and it is our choice to remind them.


If you don’t know what’s truly real, how can you explain it to your kids? This is your opportunity to re-member what you originally came here for and to be. This is your choice to learn how to utilize the energy of the Universe to have that parenting experience you desire. I’m a Light on Earth. I’m a Wayshower. It is up to you if you’d like to know how life really works.


I’ve experienced on a daily/moment by moment basis parental bliss. It can be done. Every single moment was beautiful. Precious. Wonderful. It had nothing to do with me being blessed with a great daughter. It had everything to do with how I spoke to her, viewed her, utilized the energy of the Universe, and, turned all challenges into our opportunity because parenting in this manner isn’t a ticket to a perfect life. The ups and downs exists for everyone…for everyone’s benefit if you are utilizing the energy of the Universe. 

Want to know more? Email me at lifebooks2011@yahoo.com and put Utilizing Universal Energy in the subject line. 



Middle Schoolers Head To State Science Olympiad Competition



I love writing about competition! In its purest form, it is beautiful. I explain below:



Through team cohesion, focused thought, and attention to skill (see previous blog), middle schoolers (could be any middle schoolers anywhere) achieved permission to complete at the State Science Olympiad Competition in April 2023. From the regional experience, they stretched themselves, believed in themselves, worked together, and won. They also expanded together. Expansion is the point of all competition.


So…what do you think these students and coaches are doing now? You guessed it. They are planning for more expansion! Each of them is saying, “If we did that, what else can we do? What can we experience next at the state level?”


Competition by itself is positive. It promotes the idea of opportunity. It emanates creation possibilities. It allows one’s mind to consider never-thought-of-before thoughts.


For example, if a college class creates a robot specific for Alzheimer patients, and they receive multiple awards and accolades for this creation plus large sums of money for the college, what happens next? Not only can these college students post such an achievement on their resumes, but they say, If we did that, what else can we do?”


In addition, this particular college’s rivalry just down the road two hours, says to itself, “If they did that, what can we do?” Within a short amount of time, funding becomes available, professors organize groups of students, a robotics lab is updated, and creation of an even better robot specific for Alzheimer patients begins. Ahhhh…perfect competition.


Who benefits?

All will benefit as long as the competition remains in its purest form: expansion. The following quote is often associated with Mother Teresa: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” As long as competition is observed and conducted in a “pro” fashion, it is a wonderful aspect of our Earthly living.



When competition becomes US vs. THEM with them being dishonored, demeaned, or damaged in some way, competition loses its helpfulness to society. Pep rallies that focus on humiliating the other team hurts both teams. Where is the team’s focus with so much effort being put into yelling negative chants about the opposition? It’s not on team cohesion, focused thought, and attention to skill. The focused thought is now fractured.



Competition of any type can be observed through a “We are going to annihilate them,” mentality or a, “We are going to give our best,” mentality. Personally, I believe it is time for all of us to embrace a new standard of competition and to observe sports, such as in football, as a thrilling opportunity to witness what expansion the players have been able to achieve since the last game – a display of humans demonstrating their best.


At any children’s competition event, what do you see? I see miles and miles of road traveled as parents take kids to practices. I see many dollars exchanged for sports equipment. I see parents waiting hours for practice’s end so they can grab something for dinner. I see parental dedication to providing their offspring the opportunity to develop their full potential with the aid of positive competition.




What do you see?





Parenting Gems Book Volume IV!




Recently published Volume IV of the Parenting Gems series is now available! These easy to read books on a variety of subjects have short chapters that are filled to the brim with parenting essentials on topics from zits to body odor to eye rolling and attitude. Always offering the positive approach to any subject of raising empowered and balanced teens, you’ll enjoy these books for the lighthearted style, but content you can use with your every day life as an empowered parent! Link for Parenting Gems Vol. IV:




A Universal Look Into Competition



Hello! Lizabeth here writing about one of my favorite topics: competition. It’s everywhere so it is a good topic to discuss, indeed, with your kiddos. Does the word competition give you positive or negative vibes? Either way, here’s a positive outlook on competition for you to consider:


Spring is no exception to the plethora of sports event options for elementary, middle, and high school students across the globe.


At a baseball game, you would expect to see three players in the outfield with an umpire, batter, and catcher near the home plate. For golf, you would expect to see players lugging their golf clubs hole to hole while surveying the next hole’s topography attributes. For track, you would expect to see student athletes demonstrating their athletic prowess at running fast, hurdling an iron ball, or jumping as high as they can possibly go.


What else is there to see at any of these sports events? As a mother of a former swimmer, runner, and soccer player, I have spent hours at challenging practices and thrilling meets observing students and parents. The following points may enhance your experience the next time you’re at a student sports event.


  1. Who are the other students?

Simply stated, the other students are exactly who everyone is: spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now. We all arrived in these body suits in the same manner. We all will leave them behind when we are complete with these life experiences. From this universal perspective, we are all the same. Who We Really Are, that we all are made of the same substance, and that we arrived to have the best experiences right now are easy to forget when observing our offspring’s competition front and center of our attentions. So, let’s continue this discussion…


  1. What good is competition?

Competition is very beneficial when done through the lens of Who We Really Are. For example, two wrestlers at a meet have refined their craft during years of practices. They begin, they react to what is happening, they discover a different technique either from within themselves or from the opponent’s moves, and then they return to the team bench expanded with more wrestling knowledge than just a few minutes ago. This is competition at its best: expansion! Two spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now interacted for the opportunity for expansion occur.


  1. What is really going on here?

Sports offer the ability to move past what one thought was possible. When Tiger Woods stepped onto the golfing scene with his incredibly strong swing, it created expansion of what was possible for millions. With this perspective, one observing a sports event can marvel at all the spirits in body suits doing amazing things, breaking records, and pushing the boundaries of status quo.


  1. Who will win?

Winning is definitely a part of the sports arena, although this topic is not as clear cut as it may seem. The team who wins is the team with the most cohesion, the most focused thoughts, and the most singularly focused attention to skill. We saw this in the Purdue vs. Fairleigh Dickinson college playoff basketball game. The underdog by far, Fairleigh Dickinson had the most team cohesion, focused thoughts, and attention to skill. It worked. Quite the win!


The next time you attend any sports event, consider observing through a universal lens and watch yourself being more positive about the other players, amazed at what all of them are doing, and thrilled with the expansion unfolding before your eyes.



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This second book in the Middle School Years Without Tears book series, originally published in 2020, is now available in paperback! I love reading books in my hands so if you are like me and want to feel the book in your hands, then order today!


Book write up:


What is it really like to be a fly on the wall of your child’s middle school? Here is your grand opportunity to know! Is your child already navigating the hallways, completing homework assignments, interacting with teachers, and learning who’s who with peers? Are you wondering, as the middle school parent, what is really happening with your child’s day? Have you had questions such as, “What do those teachers do all day long? Why won’t they answer my emails in a timely fashion? Why wasn’t I informed about my child’s fight today?”

These questions and so many more are answered in this interactive, no-holding-back book by a veteran middle school teacher. Just as in her other 14 books focused on this age group and its parents, Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed. presents the nitty-gritties of middle school life from both perspectives: teacher and mom.

She delves into your child’s middle school life from the beginning bell to lunchtime to the last minute with a special section on how to keep your child safe at school. Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale thoroughly explains what components are in a typical lesson and honestly reveals the typical lesson distractions oh so common in middle schools everywhere. She writes to empower you with the knowledge regarding your child’s teachers’ lives from before the students enter the building to the last ding of the school bell with a special section of parent to teacher communication. You will definitely gain valuable information about the fast-paced and wildly energetic experience of middle school! After reading this book, you will know exactly how to communicate with all those involved with your child’s day from the administration to teachers to the staff to the intermittent district workers.

The following additional bonus material is also included in this book: 1. what to do when your child’s academics fall short of your expectations, 2. learning styles and how to implement them into your child’s life, and 3. how to address your child’s school’s shortcomings.

If you have read Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale’s first book in this series, Middle School Years Without Tears: Getting Ready (At Any Time) for Wonderful, Awesome, Successful, and Thrilling Middle School Experiences, then you already know her interactive, dialogue style of writing is inviting, calming, honest, spiritual, down-to-earth, and highly informative. You’ll be glad you read this book, too.



Loving The Weaknesses of Your Life Leads to Empowerment



This is a SECRET of life that I have known about for years, but it is just becoming very real to me this year. Not for any particular reason. It is just becoming more integrated into my daily life, fortunately. Sometimes, those things we were told, taught, or learned a long time ago suddenly become real, pertinent, and integrated. So I thought this secret to living well, loving the weaknesses of your life leads to empowerment, would be a great topic for a blog.




For a long time now, I’ve been writing about utilizing the negative things, people, and events in our lives for the highest good of all. I strongly suggest when something hugely uncomfortable occurs:


  • Turn it around!
  • Use it for your benefit!
  • Search for how you can grow from it!
  • Observe what is behind the situation!


I feel as if I need a megaphone to talk about this because it’s going to happen: mistakes, goofs, mess ups, problem, and curious interactions. When they happen and since life is for us, then let’s use each and every thing, person, and event to expand, grow, and ascend…be more than we were before it happened.



We all need this reminder, however, because it is just too easy to slip into victimhood. To get ensnared. To become enveloped with the drama or trauma of the situation. To become overwhelmed with the details. The good news is that while your life is relatively calm in this moment, now is the time to teach yourself what to do when the next uncomfortable situation occurs. The good news is that there is very good news about these events of life.


Some events of life happen suddenly such as a car accident or someone died unexpectedly. Some events of life happen slowly almost undetectable such as unnecessary weight gain or disease. “That which we resist, persists.” Renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875–1961), stated in his simple, yet very profound sentence how life on Earth works. What is resisting? Applying judgment to a particular event or personal attribute is resistance. It is resisting that which is currently happening.


This resisting brings upon the events we don’t want. The truth is we are perfect creation no matter how we look or what we’ve done. Any judgment about what is happening or how we look is resisting, and therefore, keeping that which is unwanted around in negative form. If you want things to continue as is, look at it angrily and it’ll keep showing up. Hate what happened, and it’ll keep showing up again and again or it’ll permanently be a part of your life.


So, if there is something that we want to change, we change the resistance to love. Simple, right? Maybe? No? Yes? It takes time, which is why this secret of living well has taken soooo long for me to integrate it into my life. I’m catching myself resisting and then switching it to love. It’s absolutely freeeeeeeeeeeeing!



When your kiddos are doing something that you don’t like, switch to love. Look at what they are doing well. Observe his or her cute nose. Her enthusiasm for life. His determination to practice basketball. If his growing, smelly feet are unbearable, find a solution for the stench while being amazed that your 7-9 oz baby is now growing like a weed. 


Complaining about stinky feet will just enhance the experience until it might escalate to dramatic proportions! Think this is a silly scenario? People go far beyond the norm with negative situations all day every day. One click of the TV, and you’ll know what I’m referring to. They are so focused on what they don’t want to happen. This is adding onto it, unfortunately.  The secret to living well is to focus on what you want.


In the case of weight gain, loving the excess fat is the way to weigh less. Enjoying healthy foods along with an increased of water intake instead of dreading another salad and having to pee more often is the way to release excess fat.


In the case of disease, let the doctors take care of the disease while you love, list, focus upon, and talk about how wonderful all the other healthy cells in your body. Be amazed how they are functioning well.


This shift is empowering. It is an important technique to model and teach to your kiddos. Life is going to happen. Those curious, and sometimes uncomfortable, situations of life will occur. We empowered beings have choice! We can resist what is happening or turn our focus to what is pleasant, healthy, and good. Live empoweredly in The Land of Possibilities!




My Newest Published Book!


This newest volume of Parenting Gems is loaded with many valuable parenting strategies, advice, and input for you!


Here’s a question for you: how are things going between you and your teen? Great? Okay? Not-so-good?


In any case, every parent could use some help and support to keep things rolling along smoothly or to improve the relationship. This book serves as a support in the form of 23 easy-to-read articles on varying subjects that range from career selection to body odor.


Want to know how to address your teen’s negative self-talk? It’s in this book.


Want to know how to do a mid-year academic check up with your child’s teachers without drama? It’s in here.


Other topics: what is true parental control, your parental legacy is now, graduation, competition, world peace, cussing, peer pressure, appreciation, freedom, living mindfully, three words to never say to your teen, and so much more.


There is a bonus in this book with test taking strategies outlined for your teen before, during, and after the test that includes additional specific-to-the-subject test taking strategies.


And as always, at the end of all my books is a lengthy book list for your continued parenting reading because parenting is a lifelong commitment. To ENJOY being the parent is my goal for you!




Gossiping and Bullying: How Full Is Your Heart Supply?


PLEASE NOTE: this blog is for situations that are malleable and are deemed safe by you. If gossiping or bullying has reached unsafe levels, utilize community resources immediately: school authorities, police, mental health professionals, etc. 


Gossiping. Bullying. Making others feel uncomfortable. Not allowing others to be fully authentic. Shaming others for being different.

It’s all the same subject: someone’s heart supply (love) is low. In fact, it is VERY low. 


Let’s focus on telling “mean” things about someone to others aka gossiping, which is a form of bullying. In the spirit of keeping it simple, I’ll explain it this way: Gossiping is two subjects for two different sets of people: low heart supply vs. full heart supply and the person doing the gossiping vs. the person receiving the gossiping. 


In one moment, a person feeling fine and having a good day, can become the receiver of gossiping and immediately be depleted of his or her heart supply. It’s a physical reaction as well. Fear takes over in a big way. Fear seemingly hits like a tall wall of cold energy. Not just for the receiver, but for all those surrounding the receiver, which could include family members, co-workers, and neighbors. It’s gripping. It can be terrifying.


Because of the intensity of the situation, let’s break it down into smaller, manageable parts so we can release the intense grip…because you always have options with everything. I mean this statement wholeheartedly. Even with gossiping or any form of bullying, we all have options with everything.


When someone is feeling good, feeling friendly, and feeling well, it is because they are filled with love, peace, joy, and wellbeing. All these state of being can all be lumped together in this category: high heart supply. When someone is feeling down, bad, angry, belligerent, and depressed, all these state of being can be lumped together in this category: low heart supply.



Knowing one’s heart supply is important personally and socially because when we feel peace, we give that out. When we feel angry, we give that out. When something triggers us, like a person cutting us off in traffic, our heart supply directly impacts how we respond to such a situation. IF we are able to stay in peace when someone cuts us off in traffic, we will simply notice the event without drama. If we are not able to stay in peace with our heart supply suddenly lowered or depleted, we will react to the impolite driving with profanity, finger gestures, or thoughts of revenge.


So, Life is all about listening to/being aware of our heart supply because there will never be a shortage of events that will trigger us into losing some of our heart supply. It takes training and a willingness to maintain a positive heart supply while Life happens around us.


In the case of gossiping with our children, they do not have as much Life experience and may not have the training and willingness to maintain a positive heart supply. This is when parents come in, who are hopefully NOT sucked into the gossiping drama, to stabilize the situation, remind of staying in positive heart supply, and provide solutions for the gossiping.


What about the gossiper? Remember this from the beginning of this blog: Gossiping is two subjects for two different sets of people: low heart supply vs. full heart supply and the person doing the gossiping vs. the person receiving the gossiping. So we have to discuss the gossiper with this topic. Who is helping him or her because it is obvious a very low heart supply is present, otherwise, the person would not be gossiping. Gossiping comes from a place of insecurity, lack of love, or low heart supply. Period. 


Unless this lack/low supply level changes, the gossiping continues. Can a car low on fuel go very far? A car on empty stops. To resolve this situation, we must attend to the gossiper and raise his or her heart supply level. Period.


In all my Empowering Kids books, I explain a simple and very powerful parent-child strategy to solve any problem. It’s a co-creative style strategy. At the basic level, it is list creation of options. All of them. The longer the list of options, the better.


Then, together from the list, solutions that create a win-win effect are selected. There is much more to it. Especially in this book, Empowering. Kids: Gossiping, I detail all the options available to address a gossiping situation. 


So, parents…how full are your heart supplies? Do you have them full enough so that you can care for both the receiver of gossip and the gossiper? Do you have heart supplies full enough so that you can remain outside of the drama to assist both students into filling up their heart supplies? Do you have heart supplies full enough to live in the Land of Possibilities even when you see your child hurt? 


I hope so because the only way to resolve a gossiping situation is to care for both students. Punishment doesn’t work. If someone is feeling off, weird, terrible, or angry inside (low heart supply), punishment, isolation, or shame won’t fix the problem at all, and has the potential to exacerbate it. 


For a complete look at this subject, your empowering steps as the parent, and your possible solutions, read this book: Empowering. Kids: Gossiping.





Key To Life: Explaining Happiness To Our Offspring



It happened again. I got a big rush of energy and a chunk of ideas “came” to me. Actually, through me because it’s like something very pleasant is whispering to my Soul. (More on that later in another blog.) The big chunk? I heard that we parents would be happier telling our kids about being happy and all the nuances that go with happiness instead of how to make a living, which career to choose, and how to plan for the future. It’s all about happiness, folks!


Is your logical mind saying…”But, what about kids? We need to tell them about the realities of life for when they’re adults. They need to be realistic so that they can get a good education and job, pay bills, and live a prosperous life.”


Those things, indeed, need to be told, explained, and impressed as important, but the big point here is HOW to tell, explain, and impress. Through what lens are you providing reality? Is it hardship as in “Life is hard.” Or, is it through doom and gloom as in “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Is it a combination as in “Work hard, play hard.” 


Well meaning parents want their children to do even better than they did so they push “Get a good job at all costs,” without discussing happiness. Yes, believe it or not, happiness and career go together. 


What if we shift how we talk about their futures to something like this:



Child: I want to be an astronaut!

Parent: That’s great! Why do you want to be an astronaut?

Child: I don’t know. I just do. I want to fly in space.

Parent: I love how you state your truth so clearly. Do you feel being an astronaut would make you happy?

Child: I think so.

Parent: How about you feel so?

Child: What do you mean feel so?

Parent: We have talked about how there is a difference between thinking and feeling. Deep soul-level feelings is communication with Divine Creator. That is Mother-Father God talking directly to you! It’s not a surface feeling. It comes from deep within you. It has a different feel. It’s different than when you are happy we are having pizza for dinner. Continue to realize and identify what makes you happy…happy at the soul level as we have already talked about many times. I’ll continue to talk about this more and more as you get older because it’s where you’ll know what to do with your life from this point forward. Happiness at the soul level is the only reason to do something.

Child: You mean I don’t have to make my bed unless it makes me happy?

Parent: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. But, here’s something for you to consider. How does making your bed make you feel once it’s done?

Child pauses.

Child: It does make me feel good! I like seeing it look nice.



Child: I don’t know if I want to try out for the lead role in the musical this year.

Parent: What do your feelings tell you? 

Child: I feel nervous. I enjoyed participating last year, but I had a bit part. It was thrilling, though, to be on stage. I loved everything that went with it. I just don’t know if I have the skills. The other kids are older than me. One of them will probably get the lead role. 

Parent: You had feeling and thinking in what you just said. Separate the feelings from the thinking. Have a quiet time to listen to your Soul feelings. It’ll tell you if you’re ready or not to try out. Maybe trying out is the best thing for you even if you don’t get the part. I had many interviews before I got my first job. I was glad to have some “practice” interviews. Or, maybe you’ll get the part!

Child: Yes, I am confused right now. Too much swirling going on in my head. I need to make sense of it.

Parent: Just as a reminder, your Soul will always lead you in the right direction. It’ll make you feel happy. Joyful. Good. Exhilarated. So the nervousness you feel could be high vibrating energy of happiness or it could be your Soul saying one more year of getting to know theater. Your Soul will tell you.


Parent: I love how you utilize this divine communication. It’s better than anything I can tell you or anyone else’s input for your life. It’s the go to space for your happiness!




Your logical mind may be saying, “Yeah, but life throws some hard hits sometimes. Challenges. Roadblocks. Dead ends. Break ups. Some of it is really tough like when people die unexpectedly.”


This is exactly when listening to the Soul leads us to greener pastures, or how to overcome a challenge, or how to get around a roadblock, or when to go in another direction for the roadblock has a purpose: get around it or change course. With any career choice, happiness is at the center of it. Four years of challenging courses make graduation all that more thrilling. Would you play a game that was easy to win every time? Challenges are part of the happiness big picture. Rock climbers stretch (literally) for more and bigger climbs. Runner go for more and bigger marathon events. Writers write longer and different books. 


Please note: Someone who leaves his or her body at a time different than our expectations is a challenge, indeed. At a subconscious level, he or she knew it was time to exit the temporary body suit for this life. The Soul will soothe and explain why living to an old age isn’t a guarantee. The person’s life was complete. It was time to go. We leave in perfect timing except in the case of suicide. Please understand that no matter how we exit from this time and place, we are in good hands…no matter what. For a complete explanation of this subject, read: https://www.amazon.com/Empowering-Kids-Suicide-Choose-Decision-ebook/dp/B00IJM1O4M/ref=sr_1_12?crid=1VXEP9Y6WBQ3O&keywords=lizabeth+jenkins-dale&qid=1677526615&sprefix=lizabeth+jenkins%2Caps%2C114&sr=8-12


Happiness. Joy. Peace. These are the way to guide your child into the most wonderful life right now that is filled with choosing from vast options that their individual Souls will guide perfectly through and around thrilling challenges. It’s all about happiness, folks!!







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