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Got Gossiping Issues? Free Gossiping Presentation!



Got gossiping issues? Who doesn’t? Gossiping is an ageless, societal issue that creates a range of far-reaching effect especially with school-aged children. This is the reason former middle school teacher, Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed., wrote and recently published, Gritty Gossipers And What To Do About Them.


This complete gossiping book for parents presents a step-by-step process that will allow both parent and child to enter the Land of Possibility with all gossiping situations. In addition, the book includes the psychology behind why people gossip, who gossipers are, how they think, why traditional punishment methods don’t work, benefits from being on the receiving end of gossiping, and how parents can bring their “turtling” or scared children to hope and then to empowerment.


Interested to know more? Register for this free talk about gossiping on February 13 at 1pm:


Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed., aka The Middle School Mom Mentor and The Child Awakener, writes, speaks, and consults to help parents navigate the sometimes nail-biting pre-teen and teen years. After nearly 30 years in education including 10 years teaching in the gossiping-rich environment of middle schools, eight years being a school librarian, four years writing a weekly newspaper column called Purposeful Positive Parenting, conducting parent-child events, speaking at educational conferences, creating the Choose, Groove, Movedecision system for teens, and writing 15 books for both parents and teens focusing on a variety of topics such as gossiping, personal power, relationships, death, school, and happiness, her empowered parenting method for this age group is fueled by much experience as a parent and as an educator. Her approach begins with universal spiritual fundamentals of life and then spreads out to any subject highlighting her belief in the eternal goodness of life: “You are never stuck. Your child is never stuck. You always have options with everything.”


She offers opportunities for parents to hear her explain about an empowered parenting paradigm with such speaking titles as, “Grisly Gossipers and Bothersome Bullies And What To Do About Them,” “Who Is Your Child, Really?” “Tough Topics, Honest Responses,” “What Will Be Your Parental Legacy?” “The Problem Solver Solution That Works Every Time,” and “The Best Teen-Parent Communication For Modern Day Children.”


In addition to writing and speaking, Lizabeth has an online parental support group along with a parent rejuvenation program called The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program, in which she explains the parenting perspectives and techniques she personally utilized and why they are successful for the older Earthlings to guide the younger Earthlings into empowered, positive, and cooperative living.


Additional information is located at


Loving Weaknesses To Change Them



What is the easiest way to release from your child that which you do not desire to experience from or with your child: love or hate?


What is the easiest way to release that which is unwanted in your life: love or hate?


What is the easiest way to release anything unwanted: love or hate?


You already know the answer to all of these questions. Love, of course! Right now in this moment of reading this blog, there is probably very little resistance to accepting that love is the way to release that what is unwanted. But, in the heat of the moment or when first hearing how a student physically hurt your child, the focus on love is challenging. It is your power right now to begin the energetic upload, storage, and escrow-building of love for all past, present, and future situations, events, and encounters. Otherwise, we default into reactionary responses that help no one. 


This means sending love to any extra fat cells you may have accumulated, to anyone who has harmed you, and to any decision you made that resulted in less-than-favorable endings. Love is the only way to gain body balance, to release harmful people, and to let go of past decisions that resulted in adjustments or challenges in your life.


For example, I had to send love to the people I was previously married to and to myself for making those marital decisions in order for me to release them. If I had continued to hold the anger, I would have kept those two people attached to me in anger. They’d keep popping up in my life in a variety of ways…in angry form. Since I have released them by sending them love, I live a life free of negative entanglements with them. This freed me to be available to enjoying a wonderful marriage to my husband of 15 years! 


As with the situation of a child when he or she has done the unforgivable (whatever it might be is different for every parent), sending love is the only way to release the grip of what has been done. If anger dominates, then anger will dominate with no chance of forgiveness. If love is sent, then love will dominate the nearly certain forgiveness. 


This sending of love does not mean agreement of what was done. It means I’m sending you love anyway. It is sending love to heal the situation even if or because you can’t. See love as the ultimate negotiator or mediator of difficult situations. Let love do the healing. Let love be the communicator. Let love be the agent that awakens all hearts to what happened and the need to heal situations. 


Here’s a technique to be able to send love when the anger is very real and seemingly impenetrable. Get in a quiet, meditative state. Say or think, I want to connect with love. Allow love to come to you. “See” love enveloping you. Visualize it entering all your cells and forming a sphere around you to at least 5′.


Next, visualize floating your spirit out of your body about 20′ above you in a space that you would think Heaven would be like. In this safe, heavenly space, meet the person you have a challenge with for this person also is lifting his or her spirit up out of the body. If needed, you can invite Archangel Michael to be present as well as other angels.


Send love to this person. See love energy flowing from your sphere to the other person. See love coming from the angels surrounding both of you. See the love envelope the person going into each of this person’s cells. This is the only focus – love. Stay here as long as you’d like.


Slowly return to down into your body with love all around you. For at least a few minutes, notice all the love in you and around you. Say or think, I keep this love connection going to heal this situation. 


Open your eyes. Know that you can return to the heavenly spot again if needed. This technique allows love the opportunity to heal the situation or challenge in a safe place. Repeat as necessary.


What is happening in your life that could use some love?

You can send love to yourself, a person, an object, or place. Because we are all divinely connected, this is a very real activity with very real results.



The Spiritual Goodness of Winter


Dormant trees. Flowerless gardens. Gray days. Colder weather. Wintertime can be tough. For some people, it is just a period of time to “get through” to reach the other seasons. But, is there a purpose for winter? What messages can it hold for all of us? I do believe all of Life is for us so there must be some reason the winter season exists…purposeful, positive reasons.


Time to reset ourselves. Nature is doing it, and perhaps, it is for us to do, too. The trees and plants are not using as much energy these days. Dormancy has its benefits. Winter can be a very relaxing season. Sitting by the fire. Enjoying hot meals such as soup. Why? For what purpose? Time to reset. January is the top of the new year. What do you want to achieve this year? What does 2024 hold for you? What are your goals? In this relaxed state of dormant winter, ponder the next 11 months. How do you want to spend them? What do you want to keep from 2023? What is new that you want to include in the new year. Just as the trees and plants are relaxing, yet preparing for spring, you can, too, relax as you make your 2024 plans. 


Body, spirit, and mind rest. Shorter days provide the perfect excuse for rejuvenation both physically and mentally. Spiritually, it is a simpler time to connect with one’s divinity. The calming effect of gray skies with barren trees can allow us to go within during this time for where are the green leaves right now? They’re inside awaiting the perfect conditions to appear. Where are the flower buds? They are within the plant. If we mimic this behavior, there just might be blessings awaiting us.


Perspective. Less activity now provides the contrast of the spring, summer, and fall month in which activity is usually at an all time high. How would we know busy if we don’t know relaxation? How do we know our quiet selves unless we experience our busy selves? Both are needed for a life well lived. To know one is to know the other. Allowing this slower time of the year to provide the activity contrast provides the perspective of the need for activity and inactivity for a balanced life.


Too often, it is too easy to view a cold, gray day as depressing. When looking deeper, we find peace, calm, preparation, balance, and relaxation in this season. As a parent and author, I say this statement often, “Perspective is everything.” In the case of wintertime, perspective is, indeed, an ally. Enjoy this time with deep gratitude!


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