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Need Parental Assistance?

Hey…we all need to summons the assistance of others at some point in our lives. Mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, painters, and more! Have you ever talked to your child’s teacher only to not really get the information you wanted or needed? It could be due to the fact that teachers are limited in what they can say. I know because I was a teacher for nearly two decades.


With my empowerment parenting style, former education career, and schooling in the dynamics of the glorious and perfectly designed Universe by Creator, I am able to say whatever I want to parents! I won’t hold back! You’ll get it straight from the heart.


I explain to parents all of of Life’s ups, downs, events, situations, and interactions through an unconditional, pure Love lens. And, you know what? IT MAKES SENSE! By understanding Who You Really Are, you will then understand what is happening to you and your family, and how to improve any situation you want for “You always have options with everything.”


There’s a reason I have EMBRACE THE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE WITH EMPOWERMENT on my website. Now, this is living!!


Contact me here: for more information. I’ve been in the business of helping parents for decades. Is it your turn?



Utilizing The Divine Universal Energy With Parenting!


Utilizing the energy of the Universe is key to parenting not only well, but peacefully, cooperatively, and joyfully on a moment by moment basis. 


Why? We came here to fully experience the joy of life and this includes our parenting life, too. Want to know more? How about these statements?


A truth about life: Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are the three tools we use to create our lives.


Another truth: We were all born with an Inner Divine Wisdom system that is sensed and utilized by our feelings.


Truth #3: We are all Divine Spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now.


Truth #4: It is not our job to fix anyone, but to be the Light and Wayshowers to those who are wanting to be shown.


Truth #5: We are all ascending to the next level of what it means to be human now that we are in the predicted Golden Age.


Do these truths sound odd? Weird? My question to you would be why? Perhaps, we’ve been told other things? We’ve been told we are not Divine Creations with Inner Divine Wisdom on Divine Individual Paths for the Highest Good of All when, truthfully, this is Who We Really Are. 


Could you, would you say these things to your kiddos? It makes all the difference in the world, in their lives, in your life. Everything can be explained through the lens of the energy of the Universe. It is the only thing that is actually real.


Kids want to know what is real. They can smell fraud a mile away. If you have a discontented child, it is because he or she knows what is really real and what is fake. Our children are magnificent beings with super sensitive sensors who are brilliantly detecting truth and non-truth.


What about those who will think this is BS? They believe the “flesh and bones” part of our existence. They have temporarily forgotten Who They Really Are and it is our choice to remind them.


If you don’t know what’s truly real, how can you explain it to your kids? This is your opportunity to re-member what you originally came here for and to be. This is your choice to learn how to utilize the energy of the Universe to have that parenting experience you desire. I’m a Light on Earth. I’m a Wayshower. It is up to you if you’d like to know how life really works.


I’ve experienced on a daily/moment by moment basis parental bliss. It can be done. Every single moment was beautiful. Precious. Wonderful. It had nothing to do with me being blessed with a great daughter. It had everything to do with how I spoke to her, viewed her, utilized the energy of the Universe, and, turned all challenges into our opportunity because parenting in this manner isn’t a ticket to a perfect life. The ups and downs exists for everyone…for everyone’s benefit if you are utilizing the energy of the Universe. 

Want to know more? Email me at and put Utilizing Universal Energy in the subject line. 



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