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Graduates…Is There A Place For You?



I can vividly remember graduating from 8th grade and wondering tremendously about high school. I can vividly remember graduating from high school and wondering tremendously about college. I can vividly remember graduating from college and wondering tremendously about my first job. 



After all this wondering and all the twists and turns my life took since May of 1990, I can completely convey to any graduate of an academic standing that, “THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU!”



Don’t these youngsters need this reminder? AND, don’t we adults need this reminder? How do their graduations apply to those of us who already graduated? There are many things we can remember or learn from this time in their lives so read on.



Just as my life did a couple of unexpected loop-d-loops on the thrilling rollercoaster ride called Lizabeth, I realize now that if I could tell my 13 year old self, my 17 year old self, and my 21 year old self not to worry and this universal truth: “There is a place for your at every step of your life,” then I would have relaxed much more.






There is so much emphasis to go and “get” your life, to make it happen, and to go out into the world and find your path. But, is there a different way than blindly going about making it happen? I believe there is. Knowing this method today will help everyone right now in this moment to BE on their life paths in a much shorter time experience. 



First, though, one has to believe that there is a place for each of us. Otherwise, negative competition becomes paramount. Greed enters in. Lack mentality drives the ambition to find one’s place, and this is quite an unnatural, unproductive, and negative way of going about it.



Truth #1: Each and every being on Earth right now came here purposely, pre-life divinely planned, and wanted to be here with much, much eagerness. Without going into this too much, let it be understood that before entering a physical body on Earth, there was a “meeting” with your soul group, your mentors aka spirit guides, God/Divine Source/Creator, and any other high white light beings such as Jesus to discuss what you’d like to experience, do, and create with this life that you’re in now.



The soul group is important to know about because undoubtedly you have run into these some of these people already. Some of these experiences were pleasant exchanges. Very pleasant. Supportive. Loving. Fun. Some of these experiences were not so fun. Not all soul-mate encounters are pleasant, but are useful in that the meeting was agreed upon prior to your arrival on Earth and was arranged for your highest good or highest learning. (This is not stating that free will doesn’t exist. We do have free will to react to the yearning to interact with others or not.)



It’s quite a wonderfully complex subject so I’ll move on from it for now. But, the important take away from this truth is that YOU ARE HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT, PURPOSEFUL REASON that was pre-discussed. Now, why would all that fuss take place before you got here if you weren’t super important? On a very important life path? On a personal fulfilling mission? We are all important! We all are on life paths! We all are on personal fulfilling missions. Yes, there is a place for you!



Truth #2: Look around you. What do you see? If there is a place for all those things, there’s a place for you. Dust has its place. Pens have their places. Clothes on hangers have their places (as well as the pieces of clothes on the floor.) Trees know this. Ants know this. Rocks know this. Weeds know this. It’s time for you to know this. You have a definite place in this world. 



Truth #3: If you are still here, you are still involved with the creation of your mission. Those who have already exited their physical bodies, completed their missions. 



There are no guarantees of a long life. Some of us agree to hang out on Earth for a short time because that is all that is needed. Why would anyone hang out in third grade longer than needed? Why would anyone stay at the amusement park after it’s locked and closed? When an experience is complete, it’s time to move onto the next one. (For a more thorough explanation of this interesting subject, read Empowering Kids: Death, Dying, and Suicide.)



If you are still having this experience in your body, then your life’s plan is still unfolding. How exciting is that? So there is a place for your because if your life plan was complete, then you’d already be back in spirit form out of your body. It’s really simple, right? Here in a body – your life’s plan is still in motion and there’s a definite place for you. Not here in your body – your life’s plan is complete. 


Truth #4: Fortunately, this is another really simple truth to understand. The way to be on your life’s plan is to follow your soul-led feelings. Good feelings indicate you are on or headed to your path. Negative/off feelings indicate you are not on nor headed to your path. (Soul-led feelings are not temporary ones like sudden anger. Need to go deeper for soul-led feelings.) 



Let’s say a graduate is applying to various post-high school educational avenues. If Graduate A gets super excited about completing a technical school’s application, then this is most likely a soul-led feeling leading to a life’s plan. If Graduate A is in dragging-feet mode about applying to colleges, then this is most likely not a soul-led feeling leading to a life’s plan. 



If Graduate B gets wonderful stomach butterflies about an internship or a job to gain experience before applying to schools, then this is most likely a soul-led feeling leading to a life’s plan. If Graduate B gets uncomfortable stomach butterflies about delaying post-high school education, then this is the indication to complete school applications as soon as possible.



It’s a simple, divinely-given method when it’s used. The problem is that we humans are not taught to listen to our Divine Wisdom, to listen to it on a regular basis, and to know it even exists. How many ways are we taught or directed to listen to others? Media? Those in apparent authority? 



It’s super important that for world peace to exist we all know and use the built-in Divine Wisdom that came with us when entering these bodies on this Earthly experience. Yes, world peace. Quote from my website:


Lizabeth states, “We are all spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now. Peace exists when every person feels empowered to live his or her life to the fullest utilizing the complex life matrix to achieve personal dreams for the benefit of all.”



This is how life helps you find your path, keeps you on your path, and nudges you back on your path if you go “off-road.” Your Individual Divine Wisdoms embedded within you is Life (Creator/God/Divine Source) is talking to you. It’s one of the ways for communication, and I think it’s the easiest one! 




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