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Can A Person Really Change? Yes! (And, Parenting Advice)



In a world of seemingly unending irritating behaviors from both those around us and from our own selves, can a person really change into something more positive? Yes, and I have proof!


In three easy steps…no, not going there with this article. While sudden shifts in one’s life can happen, it’s not the norm so I’m not going to write it as such. With focus, desire, and belief, one can make gradual, calm shifts.


Here’s my transformation story. As long as I can remember, I have had an intense fear of bees. Upon hearing the buzz, even if it’s on TV or behind glass as in a display at the zoo, my body would immediately react. My heart rate would soar, my palms would become sweaty, and I would leave the area with quick pace.


Outside, the reaction was even more extreme. In addition to the physical responses, I would scream and run from the area – sometimes dropping whatever was in my hands to get inside the house as soon as possible. At the pool as a child, I would simply run to the water, jump in, and stay under the water till I deemed it safe.  


When I was in third grade, a yellow jacket stung me behind my left leg. Often when outside, I would check this same place repeatedly to be sure no bee was there.


Sitting down at bench was no small task for me as I would check it first for any hiding bees who might want to sting me. For as long as I can remember, I was constantly on alert for bees – not a fun “job” when trying to enjoy the outdoors. I wanted more for my life.


I have a friend who is really good at talking to angels. ( Wanting to clear this fear out of my life, I asked her the source of my bee phobia. She said I was stung to death in another lifetime. That’s a big event and a big issue to resolve! Knowing this information wasn’t enough. I had to release the fear energetically. But how?


Before I tell you how I was able to clear my fear, I really want to convey the importance of eliminating unwanted behaviors, fears, responses, etc. from your life by going beyond therapy. Talk is helpful to a point. It is much, much easier to remove those unwanted traits by using an energetic method in addition to talking.


I wanted to live in harmony with nature and that included bees. I admire them and the work they do. In fact, we humans can’t live without them, but this intense fear got in the way despite my admiration.


Here are the effective techniques that made my transformation happen: I used focus, desire, and belief to eliminate my fear of bees. I asked The Universe (God, Divine, or whatever name you use to represent Pure Creative Love) to remove my fear as much as could be done at this time. I repeated this request as I worked in the yard when a bee was near. Layer by layer, the fear eased and shifted into “no-more-in-Lizabeth’s-life” status.


I used a technique called “The Healing Code” promoted by Dr. Alexander Loyd, a Christian doctor who received/heard the code. ( When I use this code, I can literally feel the energetic shifts happening in my body.


I used visualization which is an energetic form of healing. Seeing the fear leave my body during meditation was a really effective technique. Humorously, I visualize angels coming with a vacuum cleaner to get every bit of the fear so that it is completely gone. Hey, I use what works!


And, I claimed my birthright to be free of fear. We are not in these bodies on life journeys to be stuck. We are on these life journeys to experience the fullness of life with empowerment.


I now work in the yard without what I call an “irrational sudden freak out.” My heart doesn’t automatically pound, I stay in the area of where bees are, and, amazingly, I even work right beside the bees, too. It’s quite a transformation.


  • What does this have to do with parenting? You, too, can eliminate unwanted behaviors from your own life such as overreacting to your son or daughter. Use the healing code!


  • Want to be more fun or calm around your children? Use an energetic approach!


  • Want to bring in more abundance to have more time and money to spend with your children? Ask The Universe!


  • Would you like to see everything that happens to your children as their opportunity? Use visualization! (I write about understanding everything that happens in your children’s lives as opportunity in my books.


And, obviously, teach these techniques to your children. Empower them to know they are never stuck and that they always have options with everything. Teach them to use the unseen, but tangible energies for their highest good, which, by the way, is for the highest good of everyone.


Use focus, desire, and belief to transform your world. It works!



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