Problems, challenges, difficulties, strife, and compromising situations are all part of the earthly journey…fortunately. 


“What? Fortunately? Have you see what is going on lately??”


I do understand that life can be quite challenging. If I ran down the list of the challenges I have faced, you’d understand that I have experience in this category of life. Perspective is everything. Problems are not going away any time soon so making peace with them is essential…or could be, at the very least, helpful.


I can tell you this: You will not have a problem beyond what you can handle. 


“Oh good grief! You really believe that? What about when people die? How can you make such a bold statement?”


I can because I know that this life experience is for the highest good of all of us. I know that there is no deity creating situations for me that are too hard or sending situations as punishment. I know that ANY problem is MY Soul providing me opportunity to be more than I was yesterday. If there is an aspect of my Soul that wants to grow, then my Soul will create the environment in which to experience the growth-enhancing situation fully supported to successfully experience it. 


When one does a review of the challenges faced so far, one can see the benefits they brought. Challenges can lift us to new heights. If this occurred in the past, wouldn’t it make sense, then, that it’ll happen in the present and future?


I have always found with 100% that clarity follows chaos. In the midst of a problem, it is hard to see clearly. When the problem fog has lifted, vision is restored. And, that vision is mostly likely enhanced.


We are not alone when dealing with any struggle. There are multitudes of “assistants” just waiting to be asked to help. We have given these beings many names depending on our location, culture, or spiritual perspective. No matter the name, they are Divine beings ready to connect to us, assist us, and show us a way through any struggle. Meditate and ask for the highest white light being to show itself to you. Ask for a name. Ask for assistance. This interaction will feel good at the Soul level. If it does not, meditate longer and again connect with the highest white light being. You’ll feel it as peace, love, and joy. Then, ask again for assistance.


Every aspect, part, and day of our earthly journeys exist for our highest good. You’ll find this to be true unless you believe it to be otherwise. My experience has proven to me that life fully supports me even when facing problems, challenges, difficulties, strife, and compromising situations.



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