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To answer this blog’s main question, another question has to answered first: What does it mean to be an empowered parent? A family who is led by adults who see the possibility in any situation are empowered parents. A family whose motto is, “We get through everything by co-creating together,” has empowered parents. An empowered parent is one who knows Who She Really Is and teaches this to her offspring. An empowered parent lives in the Land of Possibility.


With all those utopian statements, do empowered parents lie awake at night with worry about their children? Do empowered parents cry due to stress? Do they cuss because they’re so angry? Yes, yes, and yes. An empowered parenting style doesn’t mean everything goes smoothly. It means that everything is approached with an awareness that solutions always exist and they can be implemented. 


The dismay, distraction, and the disconsolation of life provides information. It provides awareness to appreciate, enjoy, and acknowledge when peace, joy, and cooperation is happening. Upsetting situations reveal when we are in empowerment and when we are not. Both work in tandem and bring forth awareness of where one stands. So, yes, empowered parents experience the highs and lows of parenting just like every parent does, but the difference is how long the dismay, distraction, and the disconsolation lasts and how these are perceived.


Empowered parents “snap out of it” quicker than parents who live from a “not sure about this life thing” perspective. Empowered parents understand that everything is working for them… even the unpleasant situations. They understand the Law of Opposites and what it means for their lives: solutions always exist equal to each problem. Since problem and solution are opposites just like up and down are opposites along with hot/cold, here/there, me/you, and dry/wet, solutions automatically appear alongside problems. It’s law…they have to!


Always believing solutions exist means always seeking them. Know of any unempowered parents who complain endlessly and stay stuck seemingly for a very long time? The difference is very obvious.


Knowing the Law of Opposites exists, you can truly now rely on The Universe supporting you with solutions for whatever situation confronts you or your family. 



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