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I love the end of the year for many reasons. Picturesque snowy experiences. The gifting and receiving of the holidays. And, the grand opportunity to reflect back upon a year and make shifts for the upcoming new year!


So whoooaaa! December already? And, yet, I know I lived each day, each moment, but, gosh, it’s already time for 2021? Yes, and, I’m so excited!


Why? Why am I so excited? It’s because I’ve already seen evidence of my personal shifts. I’ve been doing spiritual cleaning for a while now, and I can see the fruits of my labor. That is something to be excited about, for sure! I also see stabilization of my intentions. By this, I mean I know when I’m focused on my intentions, goals, desires for life, AND, I catch myself when I’m not quicker and shift quicker than ever before. Yes! So, more of me (thoughts, beliefs, and feelings) are focused on what I want. It’s a grand magnetic pull or an attraction. It’s a thrilling place to live! (Even in the middle of a global pandemic.)



Wayne Dyer explains it well. I release what does not serve me.


“Why? How? Does this really work?”


Oh, yes, it does. I’m living proof. I’ve transformed myself and my world. I’m not the person I was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and certainly, not the person I was 20 years ago and before that.


“Well, doesn’t that apply to everyone?”


Not necessarily as there are some people who stay stuck in their old beliefs, thoughts, and feelings their whole lives. And, not necessarily to the same degree. We all progress to the degree we want to progress.


So the questions are, “Do you want to progress? And, if yes, to what degree?”


One progresses by honing in and focusing upon what is wanted. It’s like building energy or momentum for a desired outcome. With this momentum comes opportunities that weren’t previously there or seen. In this momentum, a bridge is built to bring you closer and closer to the kind of life you want to experience. In this momentum is joy. 


Build your personal momentum with a multi-faceted method. Replace all negative sayings or pictures with positive ones. Even pictures that are meant to be funny can be counterproductive in your life. De-clutter anything in your life that needs organization. Closets, relationships, projects, and garages…anything that needs organization, declutter it! Write post-it notes on mirrors to remind yourself to be in your momentum. Statements such as, “I am a great artist who’s talent will be appreciated by thousands within 2021,” are fabulous reminders.


Free yourself of the struggle mindset with meditation. Meditation is the ultimate strategy to enter and stay in your personal momentum. Connection to the Divine is essential. This is really connecting to your true nature as we are all droplets of the Divine on life journeys. I often write in my books: “We are spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now.” Meditation deals with the part of us (subconscious) that has a big impact on our daily lives. So mediation can augment and change our subconscious. There are many guided meditations that people have offered to help one another. Be sure of the source of the meditation you select. You can feel the positive energy or not. 


When the struggle mindset sneaks in, talk to it. Tell it that you recognize its presence, thank it for being so annoying to get your attention, share with it that it has done its job well, explain you no longer need its services, tell it that it has come into completion, and then send it back to Source/Divine permanently so that it can not reestablish with you or anyone else in any form.


“You always have options with everything,” is another sentence I like to write in many of my books. It’s a belief I live my life from every day. I hope you have found many options to free your life of struggle. It really is a choice. It is a time for the end of struggle. When you live this way, you will set the example for others to do so. It’ll ooze out from you and spread. Then, you’ll notice that your life is surrounded by empowered, struggle-free people. Fantastic!




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