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“I love him! He’s my soulmate!” can be heard from someone in love. And, it’s a great experience to make this connection in such a deep way. It’s part of the deliciousness of life. But, are all soulmates the positive ones? There are challenging soulmates, indeed, that are just as important and helpful to the deliciousness of life.


Negative soulmates? Oh yes. Keeping these people in perspective greatly assists to altering one’s view of them from negative to challenging to helpful. These soulmates are just as essentials as the lovey-dovey kind. The ones who are hard to deal with are just as important as the one who are easy to enjoy.


Before we enter these bodies on life journeys, we create a plan for our lives – a guideline of sorts – because we always have free will. We agree to meet certain people at certain times for certain purposes for certain durations. These people are part of a soul group, or a cluster of beings who agree to participate in our lives. Some of these souls agreed to be the the fun, loving kind and some of them agreed to be the challenging, antagonist kind. Both are greatly beneficial.


Take a look at your life. Who is in your life? Was in your life? For how long? For what purpose? Who has spurred you onto bigger and better things? What interactions with others caused you to become more than you were yesterday, a year ago, a decade ago? These all are your soulmates in your soul group.


Please be assured that all agreements are made from complete love. In fact, it could be discussed that those who agree to be the challenging kind do so from a tremendous love. They love us so much that they agreed to be ornery, difficult, challenging, mean, ugly, and even terrible in this life so that we can progress onto something bigger and better. Since we all go through the veil of forgetfulness on our way into these bodies, we forget about the agreement made in complete love. We stumble upon these people and BAM! it’s hard.


With this kind of perspective, one can view them differently in an empowering way. A relationship breakup may just be the catalyst to finding a more agreeable life partner. A challenging teacher for your son or daughter may just be the push to produce more academically than ever thought possible or could be the avenue to speaking up for oneself. 


Since these types of soulmates are not pleasant, how to deal with them on a day-to-day basis? After all, some challenging soulmates remain in our lives for years and years such as an overbearing mother-in-law. On a day-to-day basis, you place them outside of your sphere or energetic bubble.


This bubble, or sphere, is very real. It is pertinent to realize you have a sphere in which you allow or disallow ideas, energy, people, and thoughts to enter. Realizing you have this sphere is what allows you to utilize the gate on it to decide what comes in and what stays out. While shooting darts of love to these outside-the-sphere challenging soulmates, you can still appreciate the conflict they brought to your life as an instigator to get you going forward.


Perhaps, a soured friendship due to betrayal made you focus on what you really want in life – honest friends. Shoot a dart of love from inside your sphere to the person outside of your sphere. 


To “see” one’s sphere more clearly, I recommend yoga…specifically the Warrior Two pose. The energy shoots out beyond one’s hands creating a sphere all around. You can make your sphere as big or as little as you feel comfortable. Spend some time getting to know your sphere. What is in it? What does it look like? Are there any holes in it that need mending? Who is in your sphere? Does anyone or anything need releasing to the outside? What does the energy of your sphere feel like? 


Yes, we have many different types of soulmates for different times, purposes, and lengths. Utilizing them for what they are is key for personal forward movement.



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