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It goes without saying that the 2020 school year has already been different. The 2020 fall semester will be truly unique as well. It is important for positive mental health to appreciate these changes and all the benefits that can be derived from the changes. 


  1. Masks. For those returning to face-to-face education, think of all the germs with this inconvenience that won’t get as close to your child this school year. The usual, normal colds, flus, and strep throat issues should be very limited to nil. Makeup won’t be as important. Why wear it? No one is going to see it. Prioritizing verbal communication will occur. Having to make more of an effort to talk through a mask, one may think twice before speaking in the school setting. Couldn’t we all use some extra think time before verbalizing our thoughts?
  2. Virtual Education. What can be used with the extra time now that your child isn’t traversing the school hallways, which takes time? What career options can be researched since your child can jump out of bed and watch class in pjs? Focused curriculum time that shortens the normal education day with virtual education allows for the pursuit of other interests such as yoga as well as personal, casual reading, nature walking, and meditation.
  3. Social Distancing/Isolation. There’s nothing like difficulties to inspire ideas. When facing a challenge, one tends to create solutions. What options are there for the current state of isolation? What new ways can people connect? What about good, old-fashioned letter writing? Certainly, the isolation will prioritize authentic friends, which can be a very positive benefit, indeed.
  4. Death. There is nothing like death to create the desire for life. I have been writing for years now about taking one’s children of all ages for a stroll through a cemetery. Inspiration will be nearly automatic when reading the tombstones of those lives already lived. We still in our bodies have options remaining to create our lives. The current situation as we realize there are many souls leaving their bodies during this time of covid-19 is no different than those who died during wars, other plagues, or from normal wear-and-tear of the physical body because we all at some level of consciousness decide when to leave our bodies. We create our births and our deaths. Some of us arrive only to be here for minutes. Some of us come into bodies to be here for a few years. Some of us come here to experience life for decades. All lives are created on purpose no matter the duration. We are creators of all parts of our lives. Nothing is ever happening to us, but we create each moment. When this is understood, one can live to the fullest. To understand death, one can live. I highly recommend you and your child reading this book:
  5. Illness. What is illness? What is disease? At the heart of all illness is disease or dis-ease otherwise known as not (dis) ease or unease. It is clear what makes our bodies sick – unease. So, how can we focus upon ease? How can we take this literal global shake up to reduce stress and unease for ourselves? For others? Illness is a teacher. What is it telling you? Your child? With social distancing, virtual education, and more time, how can your child find his or her ease? These questions aren’t just rhetorical, but earnest questions to pursue and answer. What can be implanted in one’s life to dramatically increase the ease factor?
  6. World connection. Were you amazed at the global connection beginning in March with the news of covid-19? Were you amazed how Earth benefited from less human interaction? Did you see the reports of the sea turtles returning in record numbers? Did you see how much less smog there was over multiple cities? The world connection was amazing to watch. The interaction, communication, and collaboration was…amazing. If you weren’t wowed or amazed, perhaps, a new view would be warranted. We are all One. We are all spirits in bodies on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now. Living from this perspective makes all the difference.




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