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In April and May as summer nears, we have wonderful, euphoric wishes for what summer will hold, and many times, it doesn’t live up to the dreams. With a new school year on the horizon, what can be done to still make this summer the best one yet? What can be done to experience triumphant summer dreams?


I’m a big list-maker, list-user, and list-enthusiast so, of course, make a list of all the things achieved so far in summer 2020. With the Covid-19 issue, this will be even more satisfying because of the creativity needed with quarantining and self-isolation. Entries on this list will be quite unique from other summers, for sure.


Making this list is part of seeing with different eyes that the summer wasn’t wasted, but, in reality, much was gained, accomplished, and obtained. Did your child, middle schooler, or teen exhibit unusual or new maturity? Were dishes put in the sink this summer without reminding? Were neighbors greeted with regularity? Did your child delve into art? Intense basketball practice? Friendship? Was your child less drama-filled? Put EVERYTHING on this list. 


Next list: with the remaining time, write the desired events and activities yet to be done. Once these are identified and scheduled, you’ll have no regrets for the summer’s end. Instead, you’ll be ready fo the fall. You’ll feel fulfilled, complete. 


Here are some ideas for the remainder of the summer: 1. Painting At Home. It’s relatively inexpensive. Canvases range in price with size as well as the painting supplies. Paint a collage of summer 2020 activities! 2. Exercise. No, make it the fun exercise like creating obstacle courses using boxes and whatever is in the garage. Youtube has a tremendous variety of options. Be creative with this. Walk to the ice cream shop. Walk in a new park. 3. Explore New Areas. Been thinking about that place you went to as a child? Go and take your kids. Want to explore the downtown of your city? How can you be a tourist in your own town? Create a scavenger hunt in your town for your kids to do. Can they get a napkin from a particular restaurant, a grocery store flyer, and a rock from the river? Can they deliver cookies to a neighbor, take a picture of a bird in the park, and run around the school building two times? Oh what fun! 4. Learn Something New. Do you wish your kids knew more languages? Utilize the remaining weeks to stimulate their interest in knowing additional foreign languages. How about pre-learning for the upcoming school year such as worm and frog anatomy or chemistry? 5. Walk A Cemetery. This is a motivational walk because there’s nothing like reading about lives already lived to provide inspiration for the present to achieve. You and your family members still have opportunity to be and do. What does one really want to do in life? The present moment is THE power moment of creation. 6. Switch Sleeping Experiences. Just for fun, sleep in another’s bed while he or she sleeps in yours. Sleep in the opposite direction. Sleep outside. Sleep in a tent, hammock, or screened in porch. It’s just the break from routine that will create the fun memory. 


Triumphant summer dreams are very much still available to you. List what was already achieved. List and plan for what is yet to be done. Be creative!



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