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Author Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed.


Lizabeth’s latest published books




Positive Parenting Solutions for children of all ages.


Positive Parenting empowers your family to flourish in a cooperative, peaceful, and loving home. No excessive worry, frustration, or tension.



If you’re a parent, I’ll bet you’ve had these thoughts before…


“I feel like an evil dictator who is always punishing and saying no! I wish our home was more harmonious and joyful.”


We are not born with advanced parenting skills. Sure we have the basic instincts, but the times have changed. Finding food and protection from saber tooth tigers are no longer the only vital parenting skills.


We all want a happy household for our children to grow and flourish. So how do we manage the many modern parenting challenges and provide a healthy family environment? I have created the techniques and strategies to make your home a positive environment.




Positive Parenting Solutions for the 21st Century


I’m a veteran teacher, author, and mother, and I have lived the pleasures and challenges of cultivating a healthy family environment.


My books are designed to enlighten you about positive parenting and how you can nearly effortlessly implement it in your home. My philosophy of empowerment frees you to collaborate as a family to make your home environment open and receptive to positive growth. It worked for me and countless others, and it will work for you, too.


I’m quite excited to share with you the personal power you already have as a parent to positively work with your child in co-creating a wonderful home experience…no matter how old your child is, no matter what has happened, and no matter how much time has passed.




Positive Parenting Solutions are here.



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This book contains all of the following books below. 



EKPersonalPower best           EKDeathDyingSuicide           EKRelationships


  EKOtherPeoplesDecisions         EKHappiness EKSchool


“You are never stuck.

Your child is never stuck.

You always have options with everything.” 

Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M. Ed., is an empowerment-focused author of multiple, spiritually infused books on a variety of topics including gossiping, death, dying, and suicide, relationships, and middle school. She is a veteran educator of nearly twenty years with a wide variety of teaching experiences in multiple grades in several school environments including ten years in middle school.


Lizabeth states, “We are all spirits in borrowed body suits on life journeys trying to have the best experiences right now. Peace exists when every person feels empowered to live his or her life to the fullest utilizing the complex life matrix to achieve personal dreams for the benefit of all.”

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Empowering Kids: Gossiping Book Trailer


Empowering Kids: Gossiping Parent Guide Book Trailer  


Middle School Years Without Tears Book Trailer






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